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Ten Reasons Why Reparations for Blacks is a Bad Idea for Blacks
Antifa Plants Deadly Traps in Georgia Park
Brian Lilley: Mark Saunders points to experience as a leader in Toronto mayoral bid
Berlin votes on climate neutrality by 2030
‘One of the most dangerous jobs’: Former education worker on violence in N.S. schools
Trudeau’s security adviser warned foreign agent registry could bring pushback
Revamp of the Official Languages Act raises concerns among legal experts and Quebec Anglos
Stunned faces and heartbreak for migrants heading to Roxham as they learn Canada will likely send them back
Once more, David Johnston steps into the breach
It’s Earth Hour Tonight. Please Make Sure to Turn On Every Light You Own
A real pain in the backside! Princess Diana’s brother Earl Spencer blasts Donald Trump after former US president claims she and the Queen ‘kissed his a**’… saying the Princess found him ‘worse than an anal fissure’
Trump Lawyer Says Ron DeSantis Will Emerge a ‘Bloodied Pulp’ Against Trump
World’s largest mega container vessel begins commercial operations in E China’s Shandong
Authoritarian States ‘Want to Control People’ by Censoring Internet: ICANN
‘Pandora’s box’: EU weighs changing relations with China
EU weighs up future of wood-burning as renewable energy
Here’s a look at which Ontario public sector workers made the most money last year
U.S. offers cash to Canadian critical minerals projects during Biden’s visit
Biden gives Trudeau a chance to claw back control of the agenda
Four ex-cops charged in Tyre Nichols’ death barred from working in law enforcement
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EU weighs up future of wood-burning as renewable energy
U.S. offers cash to Canadian critical minerals projects during Biden’s visit
Ontario emerges from the darkest winter in over 80 years, new data suggests
Trump appointees interfered to weaken EPA assessment of toxic chemical
John Robson: Trudeau’s a climate hypocrite, but doesn’t realize it
Israel refills lake with desalinated water
India’s plastic problem: No easy fix for trash mountains that provide profit and pain
Yes, Leftism Is a Religion: University Gives Greta Thunberg an Honorary Doctorate in Theology
24 Sussex Drive is empty but the utility bills are still soaring
Why Doug Ford’s government spends more than $6B/year subsidizing hydro rates
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Regina mayor says Experience Regina slogans were a ‘misstep’
Study: Big Pharma Is Paying TikTok Influencers to Hook Teens on New Drugs.
The Same People Who Are Endlessly Lying To You Are Demanding The Power To Define Truth Online
‘Democratic rights at stake’ in Liberal motion to compel emails, texts: Chamber of Commerce
Is social media our youths’ nemesis?
Poll: Half of U.S. Population Believes National Media ‘Intend to Mislead, Misinform’
O’Donnell: Trump’s Truth Social post is a desperate attempt to increase rally sizes
Facebook Hired Minorities and Paid Them Not to Work
Rupa Subramanya: The Chinese Communist Party’s Canadian media cronies
Twitter explodes after former Biden spox praises president for working at 9 am
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Snoop Dogg Is Launching His Own Coffee Line Inspired by His Travels to Indonesia
Trump deregulated railways and banks. He blames Biden for the fallout
SVB instability could drive some Canadian mortgage rates lower. Here’s why
New Analysis: Corporate America Has Donated $82 Billion To BLM-Related Causes So Far
Special Report: Hollywood Blacklisted Ryan Reynolds After He Publicly Shared His Latest Investment Tip That Has The Studio’s Big Banks Terrified
Ben Shapiro: Here’s Why Silicon Valley Bank Collapsed
Government won’t bail out Silicon Valley Bank, which paid workers bonuses hours before collapse
U.S. government: Silicon Valley Bank clients will get funds
Canadian regulator takes control of Silicon Valley Bank’s Toronto branch
Silicon Valley Bank had no head of ‘risk assessment’ for nine months before it collapsed… as woke boss for Europe, Middle East and Africa was busy organizing a month-long Pride campaign and a ‘Lesbian Visibility Day’
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Raccoon dogs might have caused the COVID-19 pandemic – report
Will shipping return to its ancient roots?
UN Secretary-General: ‘For Well Over a Millennium, Islam’s Message of Peace Has Inspired People’
Could waste plastic become a useful fuel source?
Lithium: How sustainable is ‘white gold?’
Canada needs to keep genetically engineered animals out of the wild, group says
What Science, Exactly, Does the Left Follow?
Climate change slowing down, not speeding up, movement of large Arctic rivers: study
Dems Block Jordan Peterson From Testifying At Senate Hearing, Furious Republicans Walk Out
Bill Gates Declares Artificial Intelligence ‘No Threat’
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Powder, threat sent to Manhattan DA investigating Trump
Judge declines Trump’s bid to stop ex-aides from testifying before grand jury in Jan. 6 probe
Did New Yorkers Die, So a DA Could Target Trump?
Trump warns of ‘potential death & destruction’ if he is charged in hush-money case
‘Rick and Morty’ Co-Creator Breaks Silence After Domestic Violence Charges Are Dropped: ‘Horrible Lies’
House Judiciary Report Highlights the DOJ’s Attack on Parents
Is This the Bombshell Evidence That Destroyed Bragg’s Case Against Trump?
US and Canada strike deal to turn back asylum seekers who cross the northern border: Biden ramps up his migration plan ahead of his meeting with Justin Trudeau
MP Han Dong leaving Liberal caucus, denies allegations of working against release of 2 Michaels
Is this the smoking gun? Letter from Michael Cohen claiming Donald Trump did NOT reimburse him for hush money paid to Stormy Daniels appears to fly in the face of the star witness’s grand jury testimony
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Thousands of military members to be cut off as Ottawa introduces expanded housing benefit
Trump appointees interfered to weaken EPA assessment of toxic chemical
Explaining the Link Between Liberalism and Mental Illness
What is a raccoon dog and why is it being linked to COVID-19’s origin?
Millions of Canadians without access to family doctor
German Health Minister: COVID-19 Vaccines Can Cause ‘Permanent Disabilities’
Poilievre calls for testing that would allow doctors, nurses to work across Canada
The Rupa Subramanya Show | The other side of the MAID debate (Ft. Kiano Vafaien)
What chicken feet tell us about daily life in Egypt
Raccoon dogs might have caused the COVID-19 pandemic – report
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Trudeau government could crumble as NDP leader demands answers on China election scandal, intentional delay in release of ‘2 Michaels’
House Judiciary Report Highlights the DOJ’s Attack on Parents
Biden administration adds 14 Chinese firms to red flag list
Immigration fuels Canada’s largest population growth of over 1 million
Ottawa spent at least $55M on Pope Francis’ visit to Canada
Terry Glavin: David Johnston the right man to whitewash Chinese interference
First reading: Trudeau once again goes nuclear on a touchy issue … before dropping it entirely
Race-specific criminal rehab to cost $12M in taxpayer dollars
Bruce Pardy: Human rights tribunal says the quiet part out loud Tribunal said white people cannot claim discrimination
Video shows Muslim man being told he can’t pray in Ottawa train station
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