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How Hitler’s Rise to Power Explains Why Republicans Accept Donald Trump
8 Disturbing Similarities between the Democrat and Nazi Parties
‘Unhinged’? Now Donald Trump is attacking former press secretary Kayleigh McEnany
Trump asks judge in criminal case to step aside due to his daughter’s Democratic ties
Trump-DeSantis feud gets ugly fast
Germany’s far-right AfD sees poll numbers surging
Belgorod: Shelling in Russian border region kills two, governor says
Eight-year-old who died in border custody repeatedly denied ambulance
Poilievre rallies Conservative support ahead of key vote for PPC’s Bernier
These young Canadians are banging down the government’s door asking for climate jobs
David Johnston’s position is barely tenable. Can his investigation be salvaged?
Minister may bar use of preferred names, pronouns in school unless parents consent
‘Tone-deaf’: Singh slams rapporteur Johnston for not stepping down
John Ivison: The undermining of Canadians’ trust will continue as long as David Johnston remains
John Ivison: The activist, anti-industry Trudeau minister who wants to unteach First Nations to fish
Jagmeet Singh’s Weakness Continues To Enable Trudeau’s Dismantling Of Our Democracy
BREAKING: Pierre Poilievre calls out Justin Trudeau over being forced to resign as a high school teacher mid-semester
Canadians believe Pierre Poilievre more honest about political views with public than Justin Trudeau by 16%
Breaking Report: FBI Confirms Existence of Damning Joe Biden Document
DeSantis rips Trump over ‘juvenile’ name-calling in New Hampshire
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Glencore a big winner of Germany’s Colombian coal binge
Populist or not, Danielle Smith is another challenge to Liberal climate policy
Fourth Reich disseminates ominous new report on ‘environmental policy’
UN agencies warn of starvation risk in Sudan, Haiti, Burkina Faso and Mali, call for urgent aid
Jane Fonda Blames White Men For ‘Climate Crisis,’ Demands Their Imprisonment
Electric cars pollute more than petrol, diesel and hybrid cars – IIT Kanpur study
Government official empties dam so he could retrieve his phone he dropped while taking a selfie
States Shut Down UN-Insurance Corp Plot to Kill Oil and Gas
Europe grapples with crackdowns on Last Generation protests
What can we expect from clean hydrogen in Canada?
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Minister claims church burnings will be addressed by “online safety” bill
The Morning Briefing: Memory-Holing of COVID False Narratives Picks Up Steam
Elon Musk withdraws Twitter from European Union’s ‘voluntary Code of Practice on online disinformation’
Secret audio tape among evidence collected by DA in fraud case against Trump
Would you get a brain implant? Neuralink says it will start human trials
Twitter drops out of EU’s voluntary pact to combat disinformation
CNN Publishes Blatantly False Claim About Wildfires – There’s No Link to Fossil Fuels at All
Ron DeSantis Broke Twitter, and Trump Is Furious
DISASTER!: Trump wastes no time mocking Ron DeSantis as campaign launch crashes on Twitter
Risk and reward as Ron DeSantis links arms with Elon Musk
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Lululemon Employees Fired for Calling 911 on Looters Robbing the Store
Fashion’s Greenwashing Problem: How Canadian shoppers might be misled by eco claims
Target CEO Days Before Boycott: DEI Is A ‘Great Thing For Our Brand,’ Creates ‘Benefits For Our Shareholders’
OP-ED: Would it be unreasonable to interpret Indigenous shoplifting in Winnipeg as reparations?
Target Loses $9 Billion in Market Value After Boycott
Target pulls some Pride products from U.S. stores, citing employee safety
Why the dollar’s dominance is declining in the Middle East
Jesse Kline: Rachel Notley’s 38% tax hike would be a death blow to Alberta prosperity
Liberal Government Now Trying To Blame Ontario Amid Subsidy Debacle
Stellantis stops construction on portion of Windsor, Ont., EV battery plant amid Ottawa dispute
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Commonest Lies told by Climate Change Psychos
‘We were anything but primitive’: How Indigenous-led archaeology is challenging colonial preconceptions
Paralyzed man regains this ‘simple pleasure’ thanks to AI ‘digital bridge’
An auto CEO came very close to saying the right thing about heavy EV batteries
Trump Children Dropped From Suit Over ‘Apprentice’ Pitches
Titanic revealed: Stunning full-size scans show shipwreck like never before
Former senior judges to have last word on disclosure of sensitive laboratory records
Ukraine says it shot down 6 of the high-powered Kinzhal missiles that Russia boasted were unstoppable
Do you miss your BlackBerry? Canada’s innovation sector does too
NASA Scientists reveal largest Uranus moons may contain oceans
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Video shows fireworks being set off on crowded TTC bus in Toronto
REVEALED: Epstein’s emails show he had close connections with David Blaine, Woody Allen, Peter Thiel and more
New RCMP units to protect ministers, top bureaucrats from threats of political violence
Walls Closing In on FBI as Agency Has One Day to Turn Over Joe Biden Document – Or Else
Jan. 6 Protesters Raked In Thousands Of Donation Dollars, DOJ Is Now Coming For Their Funds
Ken Paxton: Texas House votes to impeach Trump ally
Europe grapples with crackdowns on Last Generation protests
South Korean arrested for opening plane emergency exit door, faces up to 10 years in prison
DeSantis Vows To Repeal Trump’s First Step Act, Hits Trump For Not Having Control Of His Own Agencies
Lululemon Employees Fired for Calling 911 on Looters Robbing the Store
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Far-left extremism linked to narcissism: study
Peer-Reviewed Study: ‘The Higher the Number of Vaccines Previously Received, the Higher the Risk of Contracting COVID-19’
Brian Lilley: Olivia Chow’s drug policies will bring horrors of other cities to Toronto if elected
Anthony Furey “exposes” City of Toronto branded crack, meth pipes given to shelters
Government Science™ Opens New Biolab Studying Animal Pathogens in Middle of Kansas
Texas Lawmakers Advance School Safety Bill Requiring Mental Health Training, Armed Security On Campuses
The Morning Briefing: Memory-Holing of COVID False Narratives Picks Up Steam
Electric cars pollute more than petrol, diesel and hybrid cars – IIT Kanpur study
Whistleblower at Texas gender clinic exposes horror of ‘transitioning’ children
Pierre Poilievre is at war with safer-supply programs. What does he hope to gain?
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The New Revelations Shared By Erin O’Toole Have Destroyed What Little Remained Of David Johnston’s Credibility
Half of All New German Citizens are Muslims
A ‘gender-sensitive’ Hebrew Bible translation hit digital shelves. Not everyone is happy
Michael Chan sues CSIS, unidentified leakers, reporters
O’Toole targeted by Chinese misinformation, suppression campaigns, according to CSIS
Britain Is Sharing Chinese Dissident Info With the CCP.
Bonnie Crombie wants feds to change O Canada lyrics for reconciliation
Rex Murphy: Jagmeet Singh just can’t stop protecting Trudeau
Minister claims church burnings will be addressed by “online safety” bill
Jane Fonda Blames White Men For ‘Climate Crisis,’ Demands Their Imprisonment
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