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CA News Forum is a gathering place to share and discuss current international news events. This is a moderated forum with rules that are designed to encourage respectful conversations between Members. This is a privately owned site and being a part of this Community is a privilege, not a right. Privileges will be revoked either temporarily or permanently for those who find our rules too cumbersome.

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With the exception of our daily Off Topic thread, this channel is specifically for discussing news events. It is not a personal blog or a soapbox for people to share whatever is on their minds — there are other sites on the internet for that. We hope that you will explore our site and choose to join our Community.  

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There are a variety of ways to contact the site owners and/or moderators. You can “shout-out” to us using the commenting system by copying one of our ID slugs and pasting it into any comment, whether on a discussion page or on the Help Desk page. For private communications you can send us an email at canewsforum@gmail.com which is only accessible by the owners.