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Revision Date: 01 JAN 2020

CA News Forum is a private online discussion forum where Members can converse with each other and share a common interactive experience. The site is intended for use by adults over the age of 18. Comments are posted through Disqus, an online public comment sharing platform. Users of this Disqus service may be subject to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service of Disqus. Be aware that our site is publicly viewable and that anyone may search for, see, use, or re-post any of the comments or content you post here. CA News Forum has no control over what third parties may do with such material.


The owners of CA News Forum provide this Privacy Policy to inform you about our policies and activities regarding the collection, use, disclosure and protection of your personal information, and your choices and rights regarding the handling of that information. Please read this policy in its entirety so that you understand your rights.

This Privacy Policy is subject to periodic amendments, additions, changes or modifications. The revised Privacy Policy will take effect on the date and time it is published on this site. By continuing to use CA News Forum, or by registering for an Author account, you agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy and any amendments thereto. Each time you use the site, the then-current version of this Privacy Policy will apply.

The owners of this site are internet users and we value our privacy online. We extend to you the courtesy of respecting your privacy as well. We are extremely selective about the information that we collect about you through the use of this site. 


When you visit our site, we may collect basic, “non-personally identifiable information” and “personally identifiable information” about you. We collect this information generally for functionality, to troubleshoot and improve the site, and to provide you with the best possible online experience. We will never under any circumstances sell, trade or rent this information to third parties, for any reason. Your information will only ever be used as described in this Privacy Policy. This is our solemn pledge to you, our Members.

1. Non-Personally Identifiable Information:

Your IP address is a unique string of numbers that identifies each computer using the Internet Protocol to communicate over the internet. It allows websites to exchange packets of information with your computer and to track your activities on that particular website, as we do here on CA News Forum. Your IP address allows us to detect problems with our server, and for us to administer the site. In addition, this Non-Personally Identifiable Information is compiled and analyzed on an aggregate basis by services like Google Analytics, to help us gauge things like online traffic and user experiences. By using this website, you agree to the use of your IP address for these purposes.

Q&A:Exactly what does your IP address reveal about you? Through services like Whois, a website owner can use your IP address to determine your general location and the name of your Internet Service Provider (ISP). See the image below for an example Whois search. Your IP address is not publicly linked to your name or physical address, and your ISP will not provide such information to any third party other than law enforcement, if compelled by law. To reiterate: Your IP address does not reveal to us who you are or where you live. Your IP address is visible to the site owners, but not to the moderating staff or to other community Members.


Sample Whois search results

Q&A: What is a VPN? For those users who prefer to be extra cautious, the use of a Virtual Private Network service, or VPN, will actively mask your true IP address and related information from even the owners of this site. Be aware, however, that the use of a VPN can prevent some websites from loading or for services like Disqus to not function properly. That is, unfortunately, beyond our control.

For regular community Members who just want to post comments via Disqus without creating discussions of their own, no login account on CA News Forum is required. You do not need to provide any personally identifiable information whatsoever to us to participate in our discussions. You remain as anonymous as your Disqus profile will allow you to be. Note that if you use your real name in your Disqus profile, that information obviously becomes public knowledge. For that reason, most people choose an alias or a nondescript screen name to keep their identity private. That is your choice to make and yours alone.

2. Personally Identifiable Information:

NOTICE: CA News Forum does not wish to collect any “Personally Identifiable Information” about you, under any circumstances. Since you are never required to give your personal information to us, you can rest assured that we can never be motivated by greed or malice to share or abuse it. Your online anonymity is safe with us.

Registered Author Policy: Those Members who wish to post their own discussions for others to comment about will require special Author privileges. We have implemented this policy primarily to protect ourselves from liability (should anybody attempt to upload inappropriate or illegal materials to our site) and to protect our Members from any attempts by unscrupulous third parties to spoof their identities for nefarious purposes. This policy allows us to easily assign and, if necessary, revoke discussion posting privileges to enforce our rules. It also helps us prevent spam discussions from being posted, which leads to a better online experience for you and our other Members.

To become an Author you must sign up for an account on CA News Forum. When you sign up, we will ask you for a functioning email address to send your login link to, and to send password reset links to, if necessary in future. This email address should be completely anonymous. In fact, we actively discourage the use of your regular personal or work email address. That’s simply more information than we ever need to know about you and besides, it costs you nothing to register for an anonymous one. Check our our Q&A about anonymous emails here.

What other “personal” information will we ask you for? You’ll have to give us your Disqus screen name and upload your Disqus avatar picture. That’s it. No real first or last name, no easily identifiable email address, no phone number. Just the information you’re already displaying publicly whenever you use Disqus. Your screen name and avatar picture will be publicly visible on our site any time you post a discussion, and is the only personal information we will ever share about you publicly. Once you have your profile set up, you will have to log in whenever you want to post a discussion. This  process is as easy as logging into your Disqus account, especially if your computer remembers your password for you.



You may choose to enable Cookies, which will allow you to save details about your visit to CA News Forum. Cookies reside on your own computer and may be deleted manually by you or automatically, depending upon how your browser is set up. Our site also issues a cookie which tracks the post ID of any discussions you recently posted or edited. This cookie typically expires after one day.

Push Notifications:

We currently offer push notifications which will let you know when a new discussion has been posted. This can be activated or deactivated by clicking on the bell icon on the left side of any site page.

Embedded Content:

Discussions on our site often include embedded content such as articles, images and videos which link to external, third party sites. Embedded content behaves the same way as if you are visiting the source website. These linked source websites may collect data about you, use cookies, allow third party tracking and monitor your interaction with the embedded content, including your activities if you log in to the source website. Please review the Privacy Policies of these source websites so that you will be aware of what they may do with your personal information.

Your Rights:

You may at any time request that we remove any personal information we retain about you, save for any data we are obligated to keep for administrative, legal or security purposes. Removal of account information will rescind the privilege to Author discussions on our site, but will not hinder commenting privileges as a Member.