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Updated December 17, 2020


CA News Forum (the “Site”) is intended to facilitate community discussions about current news articles. All Site users must comply with our Community Guidelines and the Disqus Terms of Service. If you have questions or concerns about content or comments posted on the Site, please contact us by email.

The owners of CA News Forum, and their successors and assigns, are not liable for any errors or omissions on the Site, or for any loss or damages suffered as a result of anything appearing on this Site. Any information or views provided on this Site are current as of the date indicated, and are subject to change without notice. Any content provided on this Site is for informational and entertainment purposes only, and does not constitute any financial, legal, medical or other advice. Where such statements are based on information provided by third parties, they are not guaranteed to be accurate or complete. Any photographs used are for illustrative purposes only. The owners of CA News Forum are not responsible for anything posted to this Site by third parties, and make no representation as to the accuracy or completeness of information contained in such material. The views expressed on this Site do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of the Site owners, and they are not responsible for or liable for anything posted by contributors or users of the Site.

Rules of Engagement:

These rules are in addition to those described in the Disqus TOS.

1. Threats of bodily harm against anybody will not be tolerated.

2. Comments encouraging self harm will not be tolerated.

3. Memes depicting nudity or misogynistic comments will not be allowed.

4. Personal attacks or insults directed at other members or moderators will result in comments being deleted and may lead to loss of posting privileges.

5. Insults against politicians and celebrities are allowed, provided they don’t break rules 1, 2 or 3.

6. No spam, or promotions of any kind unless pre-approved by a moderator.

7. Comments are to be posted in English, except for occasional common phrases.

8. In lieu of quoting significant amounts of text from a particular source, please post a reference link with your own commentary added instead.

9. Blocking a moderator is grounds for an immediate ban. Appeals can be made by sending an email to

Posting Guidelines:

Note: Effective Oct 11, 2020 you must have an Author account to post discussions. Please send your author account request to us via email to No personal information is required, just your Disqus username and you can use an anonymous email if you wish.

Each discussion must include a link to a news-related article. Approved sources include corporate blogs, letters to the editor, corporate websites, news aggregators,* pro sports league and team websites, and school publications. Articles with a hard paywall or which require a subscription or login are not allowed since not everybody can view it. Social media sites and personal blogs are not allowed as sources, ditto for any sites that don’t comply with Disqus terms of service. Political cartoons count as an article. Should the source article include photographs, the discussion author shall select one photo and include a link to it. A substitute photo may be used where none is included with the article, providing the substitute relates to the subject matter and context of the article and does not politicize or add personal commentary. Moderators will, at their discretion, approve a complete discussion, request simple edits from the author before approving, or close a discussion as non-compliant, as “old news” or as a duplicate, with explanations. Moderators reserve the right to make edits to posted discussions, including modifying the title and adding or changing a photo, or reducing the amount of text quoted from an article. A discussion is considered a duplicate if it links to the exact same article or video as that of a previously posted discussion. Articles about the same subject but from different news sources and authors are not considered duplicates. Note that the owners and moderation staff reserve the right to disapprove discussions which do not comply with Disqus TOS or with our site’s values or guidelines.

* When posting an article from a news aggregator site, the link should be to the media outlet that first published the article, not a link to the aggregator itself.


This site has several volunteer moderators (“mods”) whose task it is to approve new discussions and enforce channel rules, and it’s often a thankless job. They come from various countries, backgrounds, genders and beliefs and provide their services at various times during the day, when their schedule permits. No single moderator can possibly review all of the thousands of comments posted on the site each day, so we rely on overlapping schedules to cover as many as possible. Members are encouraged to help out by flagging spam and inappropriate or offensive comments so that they will be brought to the attention of the mods. Moderators may, at their discretion, remove inappropriate comments and mete out temporary or permanent bans. You’ll see our moderators commenting in threads just like any other community poster (“CP”). Mods who engage as CPs in a thread may no longer moderate that particular thread, so they must call upon another moderator to step in. This is to prevent any appearance of personal bias, particularly when it comes to deleted comments. The application of rules can be subjective and moderators are authorized to use their best judgement, but CPs may not always agree. CPs who would like to dispute the closing of a discussion, the deletion of a comment or the conduct of a moderator may send an email to Abuse of moderators (when moderating) will not be tolerated in any form, so if you are asked to move on, please do so, or face a temporary or permanent ban.

Note about deletions: If you have thoughtfully crafted a lengthy comment that gets deleted, for example, because it contains a disallowed word or phrase, you can edit out the offending word(s) and reply back to the moderator who deleted it. If the edited comment passes muster, the moderator may, at his or her discretion, reinstate it.

Dispute Settlement:

Many of our members being hit by the Disqus downvote bot, which has resulted in people being assigned a Low Rep classification. Due to recent changes in Disqus, comments from those with Low Reps are being automatically flagged into the pending bin. This left us having to manually approve every comment, which was too time consuming. Our work-around was to add our regular users to the Disqus trusted list so that comments wouldn’t go to pending. Unfortunately, that also had the effect of defeating the flagging feature, so we are left with no direct way to see when users mark others’ comments as inappropriate. As such, the only way to bring an inappropriate comment to our attention now is by sending us an email at If you find it necessary to do this, please copy the link to the offending comment and include it in your email to us by right-clicking on the time the comment was posted and selecting Copy Link. You can then paste it into your email. See the image below on where to click.


Advertisements, promotions, inappropriate and non-English discussions are all subject to closure without notice and permanent banning from CA.News for the poster. Usually spam discussions are flagged automatically by Disqus and never seen by CPs. Those that manage to slip past the filters are inevitably identified and removed by our moderation staff. Posters creating spam discussions are permanently banned from CA.News and reported to Disqus for further action.

Copying the link for a comment: