LILLEY: O’Toole plan to tackle gun crime tops Trudeau’s empty rhetoric


The Trudeau Liberals have been itching for a fight with the Conservatives on the issue of gun control and on Friday Erin O’Toole leaned into that fight hard. Speaking in Montreal the morning after the French language leaders’ debate, O’Toole accused the Trudeau Liberals of talking a good game but not delivering when it comes to stopping gangs from shooting up city streets across the country. Armed with facts about the increase in homicides and gang shootings, O’Toole accused Trudeau of having all the wrong priorities. “Gang violence has increased dramatically since the Liberals took office,” O’Toole said. “In fact, since they took office, homicides have risen 20% driven in large part by gang violence across the country.” It was a smart move by O’Toole. The Liberals promise their gun control will make streets safer, but the increases in shootings and murders by gang members says otherwise. Instead of shying away from the issue, O’Toole pointed out that the Liberals are all talk and no action.

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