Two mountain trails closed after grizzly bear encounter


Mountain trails and the surrounding area near Mist Creek within Elbow-Sheep Wildland Provincial Park are closed after a bluff charge by a grizzly bear with her cubs. The closure of Mount Lipsett and Mist Mountain trail and routes northeast of Highway 40 to the west of Mist Creek was announced Friday and is in place until further notice. The decision by Alberta Parks comes after a grizzly bear with her cubs bluff charged, or charged at a person but suddenly stopped before making contact. Alberta Parks said in the advisory that bears can still be encountered anywhere in the Kananaskis Region so people visiting the area should stay alert. To avoid a surprise encounter with a bear, people should make plenty of noise and travel in groups, be aware of their surroundings, keep pets on a leash and carry bear spray, explained Alberta Parks. Anyone carrying bear spray should also know how to use it, Alberta Parks added. As well, there are resources online that offer more information about bear safety, including the Alberta Parks site and WildSmart.

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