US hits Cuba with new sanctions as Biden vows further action


The latest sanctions on Cubaꞌs interior police follow mass protests on the island that started on July 11. Cuban-American leaders met Biden at the White House Friday. US President Joe Biden said he would push for tougher sanctions against Cuba on Friday after meeting with Cuban-American leaders who urged him to support the protests. The US president said more sanctions are being prepared “unless there is some drastic change in Cuba, which I don’t anticipate.” Former US President Donald Trump took a hard line on Cuba’s communist government after his predecessor President Barack Obama had softened his stance on the island and moved to normalize relations with the country. The Cuban-American community has called on Biden to support mass demonstrations unseen on the island nation for 30 years. They want him to find some way of allowing access to the internet after the Cuban authorities cut it off for some time on July 11.

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