Small Business Owner Roasts Trans City Official Harassing Him at Work: ‘You’re Not a Woman! You Don’t Look Like a Woman, You Don’t Act Like a Woman!’


A Washington state store owner’s heated confrontation with a transgender city councilmember has gone viral after a crude sign prompted Tiesa Meskis, who identifies as a woman, to visit his establishment in person to voice his objections. Don Sucher, the owner of the Sucher & Sons Star Wars Shop in Aberdeen, had displayed a sign in his window that, according to the New York Post, read, “Just out. Dr Seuss’s new book. ‘If you are born with a d***, you are NOT a chick’. Period. This new release is out now because cancel culture banned his early books.” Now, Sucher lives in Washington state, so he might have guessed that he’d receive backlash for this blunt and crude sign, and frankly, it’s a wonder that antifa has not yet visited his establishment to inflict violence in response to speech that they consider to be violence. But Meskis, who according to local station KING-TV is in the process of transitioning, certainly took issue with the signage. He later told the station that he simply wanted to express to Sucher how hurtful the sign was, but through the course of their exchange, it became clear that, for all Sucher’s callous disinterest in the feelings of trans people, Meskis most importantly wanted to insist that “trans women are women.”

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