Corbella: Catch-and-release justice system led to death of home invader on acreage


PENHOLD — Canada’s flawed catch-and-release justice system had fatal consequences Monday in this central Alberta town 16 kilometres south of Red Deer that has left a family of four “permanently traumatized” and left a repeat home invader dead. The unidentified man who was shot and killed inside a rural home on C & E Trail had broken into the home two times previously just days earlier, traumatizing the family who lived in the rental home on a large acreage in this normally bucolic community of 3,200 people. “If he had been arrested and held instead of released twice, he would be alive and I wouldn’t look like this,” said the resident, whose shattered right arm was in a cast and who had numerous visible scabs on his head and ears after he was bludgeoned repeatedly with a wooden baseball bat by the intruder. The attacker had been caught breaking into the home Friday, and was held by some renters of a workshop on the land until Blackfalds RCMP arrived and arrested him. Then, at about 4:30 a.m. on Saturday, the same agitated and violent man, broke into the home while the family was asleep, and was subdued and held until the police arrived to arrest him again.

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