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Anyway, this past Thursday, Fox’s top-rated talk show host, Tucker Carlson, did not get the Strange New Respect Award. He got a front-page hit piece, with three full pages inside, all trashing him with no balance whatsoever. The theme was obvious in the headline: “How Carlson became the voice of White grievance.” For good measure, the subhead said, “Fox News host is shaping a GOP energized by racial resentment.” So, salute Critical Race Theory, the Biden/Harris Democrat Party’s open borders, socialism, mandatory vaccinations, the LGBTQ activists’ remaking of schools and the military, and climate change hysteria, or you’re a racist and probably a child molester. Bill Kristol, who founded the conservative Weekly Standard magazine but became one of the most strident Never Trumpers, helpfully called Tucker a “dangerous” and “very talented demagogue” who fans the “flames of resentment and hatred… close to inciting hatred of other Americans.” Way to spread the love, Bill. For four years, the Washington Post has pushed the discredited “Russian collusion” scheme while labeling any and all allegations of 2020 election fraud as “false” or “baseless.” The paper employs a stable of fake conservative columnists who attack actual conservatives like Tucker on a daily basis.

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