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As Independence Day approaches, the United States faces rising inflation and higher prices on many common commodities. Yet according to President Joe Biden’s administration, everything is just peachy. The White House tweeted Thursday bragging that the average price of a cookout for July 4, 2021, is a whole 16 cents cheaper than last year. According to the White House, this incredibly minor decrease in the average price of a summer cookout proves “the Biden economic plan is working.” This shows just how tone-deaf the White House’s tweet really was. Anyone who saves 16 cents on their picnic food will pay that and more in increased gas prices just to get to the grocery store or a friend’s house. If Biden’s ultimate goal was to save the average American a few cents on a half-gallon of ice cream, it’s fair to call his economic policies a success. But by any remotely realistic measure, they are already an abject failure.

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