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OTTAWA – The COVID-19 pandemic has eroded Canadians trust in their governments, public health officials, science and even neighbours, according to a new poll commissioned by Postmedia. The Leger survey also revealed that more than half of Canadians feel the federal government’s border measures have been ineffective. An overwhelming 72 per cent of Canadians want the government’s three-day mandatory hotel quarantine for air travellers extended to people crossing by land. And 63 per cent of people say travellers ignoring the mandatory quarantine should face stiffer penalties, including jail time. When people were asked if the pandemic had permanently eroded their trust in provincial or federal governments more than 60 per cent said it had eroded their trust, either a little or a lot, in both the federal government (63%) or their provincial government (62%). “There’s some really critical messaging coming from the federal and provincial governments and various health authorities about getting vaccinated and the need to just hang in there for another month or two on these public health orders to try to get through this third wave,” he said. “There would be some challenges in terms of getting that message to stick.”

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