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Premier Jason Kenney says he admires Quebec’s attempt to declare itself a “nation” in Canada’s Constitution. In fact, he feels Quebec is leading the way for Alberta to assert its own powers and identity. “I’ve always said I think Alberta should emulate Quebec in the way that it has so effectively defended its interests,” the premier said in an interview Friday. “I may not agree with Quebec on every point of policy, but they fight for their province using every legal tool at their disposal.” Kenney has no interest in declaring nationhood for Alberta. “That’s not the language I would use,” he said. “I wouldn’t call Alberta a nation. “A nationalist like Legault, who is committed to the federation, is the best guarantor politically of Quebec being in Canada,” Kenney said. That sounds like Kenney’s own political plan for Alberta. He hopes to marginalize separatist feelings with firm declarations and guarantees of Alberta’s rights, powers and unifying qualities. And now, he thinks Trudeau’s agreement with Quebec has given him the way to do it dramatically, in the national Constitution.

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