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Controversial Bill C-10 is heading to the justice minister for a second review of whether it impacts Charter rights, a day after Heritage Minister Steven Guilbeault issued contradictory statements about whether Canadians’ social media accounts will be regulated under the bill. Konrad von Finckenstein, former chairman of the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission, said the government has not been clear what the broadcasting bill, and the various amendments the government has put forward in recent weeks, will do. “By now everybody seems confused, and I think nobody knows anymore what this is, and where this is leading and what you’re trying to achieve,” von Finckenstein said in an interview. “We can see that the Minister of Heritage himself is struggling to answer some really basic questions about this bill,” Harder said during the committee meeting. “And so if he himself doesn’t have a full understanding of what this legislation does, and does not do, and is not able to clearly communicate on that point, then I’m confused as to why this committee would be expected to have a clearer understanding of this piece of legislation.”

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