GOLDSTEIN: Environment Minister Wilkinson’s mission impossible


Federal Environment Minister Jonathan Wilkinson says 2019 will be the last year Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions go up, indicating he either doesn’t understand the issue or is just repeating inane talking points from the Prime Minister’s Office. Here’s what Wilkinson said, as reported by the Globe andMail: “We will see year-on-year reductions — absolute reductions — starting in 2020, through to 2030. We have high confidence that’s actually going to be the case.” But what is Wilkinson’s confidence based on? It’s true Canada’s 2020 emissions — the federal government won’t report them until 2022 — will be lower than in 2019. That’s because of the global pandemic, which led to a global recession last year. But this year, as the world’s economy begins to recover from the pandemic, global emissions — and, logically, Canada’s — are already rising. Canada is the only member of the G-7 nations where emissions increased from 2015-2019.

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