Corbella: Many teachers need to brush up on anti-bullying training


Many teachers and educators clearly need to brush up on Alberta’s anti-bullying curriculum. They may teach it, but they obviously don’t live it. The vitriol, vandalism, threats and incivility hurled towards anyone who expresses support for any portion of Alberta’s K-6 draft curriculum is proof of that. The hatred and anger are simply over the top. The gratuitous insults — “you fat cow,” “bootlicker,” “Nazi” — however, speak directly to the misogynistic bullying that very likely causes these very same cowardly, anonymous hypocrites to wear a pink T-shirt on the last Wednesday of February every year and tweet about it and post virtue-signalling photos on their Instagram accounts. “It’s ironic, because their argument on sticking with the skills-based approach that exists in the curriculum is they want to develop independent thinkers of their students without teaching them knowledge, but they attack anyone who thinks independently from them or the masses,” said the Calgary public high school teacher, who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

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