Bob Ehrlich: The GOP Trump Haters Are Finally Realizing What a Horrible Mistake They Made on Nov. 3


Not enough analysis has been devoted to the 2020 unicorn voter. You know, the self-identified right winger/Republican who nevertheless cast a ballot for Joe Biden. Note that I’m not talking about the RINO who regularly crosses the aisle or the Democratic “moderate” who typically resets to familiar territory despite misgivings about the direction of his party. No, I’m talking about the pro-gun, pro-life, pro-school choice, pro-border wall conservative who in the end voted for the candidate whose 35-year Senate voting record and presidential campaign rhetoric were directly at odds with those positions. Alas, two months into the Biden administration, there are signs of buyer’s remorse. The Biden-Harris administration is able to do all this (with much more to come) because a relatively small number of otherwise GOP-leaning voters decided they could not abide the ways, means and personality quirks of Donald J. Trump for another four years.

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