BONOKOSKI: Pierre Poilievre reigns as one of the best whatzit-disturbers


Our Prime Minister, too thick to do well, has set himself up for a rough time in Question Period by insulting Tory MP Pierre Poilievre. If Justin Trudeau were smart, which is yet another dilemma, he’d do the wise thing and get the hell out of Dodge. Poilievre is a master debater. He uses words like bullets, and it’s fun to watch. What Trudeau did when asked about the budget, and questioned about money spent versus results, was read directly from talking points written by some thankless bureaucrat. This had Poilievre taken aback. “Is he really going to expect us to believe that when I ask him about having the worst vaccination rate, worst jobless rates, and among the worst misery rates during COVID, the best he can do is stand up and read some talking points written for him by bureaucrats?” Poilievre asked.

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