GUNTER: Please, stop the complaining over Daylight Saving Time


We are about to “spring ahead.” This weekend, daylight saving time begins again in most provinces. Know how I can tell it’s time to turn our clocks ahead again? Because the hissy, health-obsessed legions have once again begun their peevish whinging. Already this week we have seen warnings from media and academic experts about people becoming sleep-deprived “zombies” as a result of losing an hour’s sleep in the middle of the night between Saturday and Sunday. Apparently, there will be more traffic accidents, lower industrial and office productivity, increased family violence and stressed-out elementary school children come Monday caused by the “confusing time change.” Oh, please. For the sake of an hour of sleep, we make it sound as if we’re all being herded into a sleep-deprivation chamber at Abu Ghraib. Before I rant any further, let me make it clear: I don’t care much about daylight saving time (DST) one way or another.

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