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There’s not much that is liberal about today’s Liberal Party. At a press conference in Ottawa on Wednesday, Justin Trudeau was asked bluntly whether he supports Quebec Premier François Legault’s anti-vax tax — a proposal that is at first blush unfair, illegal and unconstitutional. In his reply, he spouted nonsense like an accident victim. “It’s not to avoid answering a question,” he said, as he avoided answering the question. The federal government has received Legault’s proposal of a “significant” tax on the unvaccinated with interest, he said, but needs more details before it can comment. When pressed, he said Ottawa has been assured by Quebec that they intend to stand by the principles and rules of the Canada Health Act, which says there should be no financial barriers to access. It’s true, we don’t know the structure of the tax. If it is a flat tax, it would be regressive and unfair but it may well be that Quebec will make provision for financial hardship, as the Canada Revenue Agency does in certain cases. It may be that the province can contrive a “health contribution” that does not breach the accessibility provision in the health act.

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