Dairy farmers pushed record-breaking price hike for milk even higher

A record-breaking price hike for milk announced by the Canadian Dairy Commission would have been lower if the country’s dairy farmers hadn’t intervened. The commission announced in October it would be raising the price paid to farmers for milk next year by 8.4 per cent. Internal records obtained by Global News show the increase would have been less if the normal method for setting prices was used. “The (commission’s) process ignores impacts on Canadian retailers, restaurants and families,” Michelle Wasylyshen, national spokesperson for the Retail Council of Canada, said. When the commission wants to raise the price of milk, it considers the cost of production, the rate of inflation, plus the interests of farmers, processors, retailers and consumers. But the commission’s recent announcement failed to mention that the two largest groups representing retailers and restaurateurs in Canada asked for a much lower increase: 3.26 per cent. The commission also didn’t say that if the normal method for setting prices had been used, the increase given to farmers next year would be 6.4 per cent.

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