Cost of living tops pandemic as key issue for Canadians ahead of Parliament’s return: Ipsos

As Parliament prepares to spring back into action on Monday, Canadians have one thing at the top of their mind: the rising cost of living. That’s the latest from a new Ipsos poll, which found concerns about rising price tags on essentials like groceries and gas are now outranking issues like the COVID-19 pandemic, health care and housing as Canadians’ top concern. “They’re really focused on what’s going on in their own homes and what’s happening in their own lives, particularly relative to their own personal prosperity,” said Darrell Bricker, CEO of Ipsos, in an interview with Global News. Canadians, Bricker said, are “very concerned about what the future is going to look like.” Using the top 10 issues Canadians said were important in an election day poll by Global News and Ipsos, the survey created a short list of “potential priority areas for the upcoming session of parliament,” according to the poll’s factum. Affordability and cost of living topped the list as the key issue Canadians thought the government should prioritize, with 33 per cent putting the issue at the top of their lists.

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