Adam Zivo: Conservative bill aims to stop ‘subsidizing a genocide’ in China

A Conservative Senator says that Canada is “subsidizing” the cultural genocide of the Uyghur people by allowing the import of goods made with slave labour. When Canada’s Senate reconvenes, Leo Housakos will bring a bill forward that, if passed, will outright ban all imports from China’s Xinjiang province. Xinjiang, also known as East Turkestan, is the Uyghurs’ historical homeland and is where China has concentrated its eradication efforts. The proposed ban is part of a larger Conservative push to condemn how Uyghurs are treated in light of the Trudeau government’s reluctance to criticize China. In June 2020, Housakos published a public letter , co-signed by 11 other Senators, which called for sanctions against Chinese officials implicated in human rights abuses. Then, early this year, the party brought a motion into the House of Commons formally calling China’s actions a genocide. “At some point, China will have to align with Canadian values to do business in Canadian markets. Forced labour camps will not be tolerated,” Housakos said in a brief interview on Tuesday. “Every time we import these products, we are subsidizing a genocide.”

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