LEVY: Hamilton school board pushing “anti-black” racism agenda for kindergarten kids

A new epidemic is spreading through public school boards in Ontario and it has nothing to do with a student’s physical health. In the past year, school board officials have used the COVID-19 pandemic as an excuse to push their woke oppression and “anti-black” racism agenda. The Hamilton-Wentworth District school board (HWDSB) is the latest to come to light with a series of lesson plans called Learn.Disrupt.Rebuild for kids as young as kindergarten age. HWDSB officials unabashedly claim the program came out of COVID-19 and that it draws on the very dangerous critical race theory (CRT) to teach Hamilton students. “(The virus) highlighted two pandemics in our society: one related to the virus itself, and one related to social inequities the virus intensified, like anti-black racism,” officials say in the preamble to their new lesson plans. Asked what percentage of Hamilton students are black, board spokesman Shawn McKillop said they are currently conducting a census and have no data at the moment. However, the latest demographics show that less than 4% of Hamilton’s current population of 579,000 identify as black. Work on the modules began last September, according to McKillop, but was just posted for public consumption on the board website a few weeks ago.

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