No Fertilizer, No Food: Global shutdown of fossil fuels the quickest way to starvation hell – basic chemistry lesson for ignorant Leftists

Engineered food scarcity is a weapon that’s designed to achieve depopulation across the globe by creating famine, starvation and social unrest. The quickest way to achieve global famine is to cut off the fertilizer supply. No fertilizer = no food. And the quickest way to shut down fertilizer production is to choke off fossil fuels. You can’t turn solar energy directly into fertilizer. There’s no direct conversion. Natural gas and other fossil fuels, on the other hand, are directly translated into fertilizer (ammonia, initially) through a very efficient method that simply can’t be matched by “green” energy. It’s called the “Haber process.” N2 (Nitrogen) + CH4 (Natural Gas) = Ammonia (NH3). The N2 (nitrogen) comes from atmospheric air. The atmosphere is about 78% nitrogen, so nitrogen is readily available in the air. As part of fertilizer production, this ammonia is then combined with carbon dioxide to produce Urea, another critical fertilizer product: NH3 (Ammonia) + CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) = CO(NH2)2 (Urea). Nitric acid is then produced from ammonia and oxygen: NH3 (Ammonia) + O2 (Oxygen) = HNO3 (Nitric Acid).

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