Mom Says She Filed Police Report After What She Spotted on Shelves of School Library


One extremely explicit book with pornographic material keeps popping up in American schools. The book, “Gender Queer: A Memoir” by Maia Kobabe, was reportedly found in a display case at Rhode Island’s North Kingstown High School, where it has purportedly been available to minors. Nicole Solas, the mother of a kindergartner, posted a picture of the book on Twitter and highlighted some of the pornographic images found within it. Given the incredibly graphic nature of the comic-style pornographic images, The Western Journal has decided not to embed the tweet within this story. However, if you do wish to know exactly what kind of content has reportedly been made available to students at North Kingstown, you can view Solas’ tweet here. In a follow-up tweet, Solas said she was “submitting” these images to the police. This isn’t the first time the book has reportedly popped up in an American school. Last month, a Virginia mother spoke out at a local Fairfax County school board meeting, alleging that she had found multiple pornographic books — including “Gender Queer” — in both a high school library and a secondary school library.

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