Nurse Whistleblower Debunks Leftist Lie That Hospitals Are ‘Out of Beds’ Because of Unvaccinated Patients


A former nurse who was reportedly fired after his religious exemption to the COVID-19 vaccine requirement was rejected has shed some rather harsh light on hysterical claims that ICU beds are at capacity because of all the sick unvaccinated people. Speaking with LifeSiteNews, Brad McDowell, who was employed as an emergency room nurse at Valley Health Systems in Winchester, Virginia, explained that the “at capacity” status has less to do with unvaccinated patients and more to do with unvaccinated staffers that are being let go for their resistance to hospital, state and federal mandates. “They can’t open a bed that they don’t have a nurse and a tech to staff,” he explained in a video interview that was published over the weekend, after being asked by interviewer Jim Hale if the health care worker shortage supposedly caused by the pandemic is, in reality, a result of strict vaccine mandates that many health care professionals have refused to adhere to. “I can tell you that all those beds [at Valley Health] are not open, and I know that for a fact,” McDowell charged, referring to his former place of employment. “There are beds closed, and they’re saying they’re… at capacity, but it’s not because there’s not enough beds,” he explained.

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