Rep. Crenshaw Warns ‘Huge Exodus’ Could Gut Military as Vaccine Deadline Approaches


Thousands of members of America’s armed forces have not yet complied with Pentagon directives to be vaccinated against the coronavirus. As vaccination deadlines near, Republican Rep. Dan Crenshaw’s words from last month take on new significance. “Question for the SECDEF: are you really willing to allow a huge exodus of experienced service members just because they won’t take the vaccine?” the former Navy SEAL tweeted last month, using an acronym for secretary of defense. “Honestly, Americans deserve to know how you plan on dealing with this blow to force readiness — it’s already causing serious problems,” Crenshaw said. Crenshaw has said he is not opposed to the vaccine, but he is opposed to forcing anyone to be vaccinated. “I think we’re all sick of the vaccine controversy here. Our outlook on this should be very simple. Look, I think the vaccine is safe and effective. I also don’t think you can be forced to take it. We should just really have that worldview,” Crenshaw said, according to Fox Business. “And I’m really sick of the Democrats especially trying to politicize this and gaslight the American people and say, look at these Republicans bad-mouthing the vaccine. I’ve never badmouthed the vaccine at all, actually.”

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