Life in Seattle is about to get very interesting (and that’s not good)


Seattle, more than many American cities, vigorously embraced the “Defund the Police” movement. Last year, the Seattle City Council began the process of defunding the police and it’s been continuing ever since, relentlessly slicing away at the city’s police budget. Crime has risen accordingly and people are making noises about getting the police back. However, the radicals have a new arrow in their quiver to reduce the number of police in their city. An October 18 deadline is looming to fire those police who have refused the vaccination and, with only a week to go, roughly 40% of the police force is still unvaccinated. Since George Floyd’s diseased heart gave out thanks to overdosing on meds and fighting the police, Seattle has been one of those cities that has most enthusiastically sought to rid itself of its police force. Even the fact that the little autonomous zone known as CHAZ instantly turned into warlord hell didn’t deter the council from its mission. In August 2020, the City Council cut the police force budget by $3.5 million and, instead, put the money into “community public safety programs.” That was by a 7-1 vote. The only person holding out wasn’t doing so because it’s crazy to leave a big city without a police force.

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