Trudeau says he remains open to electoral reform if Liberals re-elected


Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau said Saturday that he remains open to getting rid of Canada’s first-past-the-post electoral system if his party is re-elected, but added that it’s not a priority since there’s no consensus on the issue. Trudeau said, however, that he would not favour proportional representation as an alternative, saying the system “gives more weight to smaller parties that are perhaps fringe parties.” Trudeau instead expressed his preference for a ranked ballot system, saying such an approach contributes to less divisive elections. “I have always been a fan of ranked ballots where people get to choose first choice, second choice, third choice,” he said during a campaign stop in Aurora, Ont. “I think it forces parties to come together and make a pitch to be the second choice of other voters and therefore they are less divisive.” The Liberal leader first raised the prospect of electoral reform in 2015 by promising that the federal election held that year would be the last to use the first-past-the-post method, a pledge he would ultimately renege on.

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