Three big questions that could decide the federal election on Monday night


As the 2021 election enters its final days, it’s a two-horse race — with the winner expected to cross the line by a nose. While another minority government appears likely in either a Liberal or Conservative victory, the Liberals are increasingly favoured in public seat models, largely due to a growing lead in Ontario. On the other hand, public polling sometimes undercounts the Conservative vote, and there are a huge amount of close races across the country. If the polling is off by just a couple percentage points, it could mean a large swing in seats. One senior Conservative campaign source said the election will turn on who has the best ground game. “I honestly do not know who’s going to win on Monday,” the source said. “It’s going to come down to get-out-the-vote and turnout.” The Liberals and Conservatives have engaged in direct battle over the cost of living, gun control and pandemic management in the course of the campaign, but there are a few other crucial questions involving the smaller parties that may well decide the election. Here is what to watch for as the results start coming in on Monday.

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