KINSELLA: Women know the real truth about Trudeau


Dear Female Voters: Yes. This is a guy writing an open letter to you on the weekend before the big vote. I’m a man, with all of a man’s (many, many) faults. I am writing to you because, if it wasn’t for you, Justin Trudeau would have been a historical footnote by now. Sorry, but it’s a fact. Without your support in 2015 and 2019 — and, possibly in 2021 — the Liberal leader would have been consigned to memory long ago. He wasn’t. He won, and won again. Mainly because women stuck with him. Men didn’t. Was it because he claimed, repeatedly, to be a feminist? Personally, I’ve never believed a man should ever, ever say he’s a feminist. That’s a coveted designation that women, alone, are entitled to hand out. Not men, and certainly not men talking about themselves. Best case, men can and should be allies to women — for equality in and out of the workplace, for reproductive rights, for everything, really. But a man calling himself a feminist? That’s arrogant. And when a man gropes a reporter at a beer festival — as Trudeau did, according to a female reporter whose allegations were never refuted — he’s worse than arrogant. He’s a liar.

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