Diane Francis: Justin Trudeau’s track record of failure


As Canadians go to the polls, it’s important to remind ourselves why Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau should never be prime minister again. Here are my picks, though this is far from a complete list of his government’s botch-ups and scandals. Perhaps most unforgivably, the Liberals did nothing to crack down on money laundering, ignoring the United Nations’ Financial Action Task Force report on the country’s loopholes, lack of controls and remedies. The result is that illicit funds from abroad have contributed to our high real estate prices, which has made housing unaffordable for Canada’s middle class. Owing at least partly to higher mortgage debt, Canadians now have the highest level of consumer debt in the world — surpassing the spendthrift Americans. This debt, along with Trudeau’s excessive government debt due to his COVID-19 support giveaways, means that if global interest rates rise a couple of percentage points, Canada will be brought to the brink of bankruptcy. […] The Trudeau Liberals have a track record of dismal leadership, yet this country has so much talent and potential. It’s time for a change.

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