The PPC Surge Is Real & Could Change Canadian Politics In A Profound Way


For a long-time, the CPC has formulated strategy on the basis of right-leaning voters having no alternative. That may no longer be possible. When it comes to People’s Party support in the polls, different surveys are all over the place. Some have them as low as 4%. Others have them up over 10%. But even the lower end of the range would represent a huge increase for the party, considering they won 1.62% in 2019. At even 4% or 5% of the vote, the PPC would almost certainly elect their leader Maxime Bernier to Parliament, which (as I’ve said before), would be a good thing for Canada since he represents the views of many Canadians who have been unfairly suppressed and ignored by the establishment. It is conceivable that the PPC will outperform both the Greens and the Bloc in the popular vote. This would be a stunning change for Canadian politics, and could have a profound impact on this country for a very long time. First, let me address the issue of ‘vote-splitting.’ The better the PPC does in the polls, the more some CPC partisans claim “a vote for the PPC is a vote for Justin Trudeau,” and talk about vote-splitting.

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