Democrats Continue Their Dog and Pony Show on Voting Rights


A group of Democratic senators led by Joe Manchin has hashed out a “compromise” voting rights bill that moderates hope will attract at least some GOP support. While the new version of the “For the People Act” has dropped several of the more objectionable elements, it has kept many more, including the ability of Congress to override several state laws dealing with ballot integrity. This is a non-starter for all Republicans in the Senate. Manchin had urged the inclusion of a national voter ID standard that was eliminated when the final draft of the bill was completed. In short, this “compromise” legislation does nothing for voting integrity and swells federal power to interfere in local election processes and procedures. The need for donor anonymity is greater than it’s ever been, considering what left-wing activists have done in the past. What is being sold as “transparency” is an open invitation for radical protesters to descend on the private residences of GOP donors. It’s the tactic used by gangsters and thugs and can never be allowed to take root.

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