Coup: General Milley Secretly Pledged to Warn Chinese Communist Party if Trump Planned a Strike


Through secret backchannels unbeknownst to then-President Donald Trump, General Mark Milley informed leaders from the Chinese Communist Party and Democratic Party that he would not carry out “any kind” of military action ordered by Trump. The revelations represent a stunning admission of an effective coup d’etat at the top of the U.S. government, with U.S. officials colluding with the Chinese Communist Party in order to limit Donald Trump’s powers. General Milley — who controversially defended teaching Marxist “critical race theory” in the military — telephoned his Chinese Communist Party counterpart, General Li Zuocheng, twice in the final months of the Trump administration. Milley’s calls — according to Bob Woodward’s and Robert Costa’s new book entited Peril — were aimed at restricting the President of the United States’ abilities to wage kinetic war against China. Stunningly, Milley even secretly pledged to inform Beijing ahead of any potential U.S. military action. On the first call on October 30th, 2020, just four days before the U.S. election, Milley assured his Chinese Communist Party friends that the U.S. would not attack China.

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