Tom Mulcair: Don’t be duped, again, by Liberal vapourware on climate change


“Not nothing” was how Justin Trudeau portrayed his environmental track record over the weekend. “Not nothing” isn’t much of a boast from a man who, six years ago, stood on the stage at the crucial Paris climate conference and solemnly intoned: “Canada is back.” I was in that room in Paris, in 2015, just a few weeks after the vote that had seen Justin Trudeau’s Liberals get elected on a frothy promise of “real change.” I felt hopeful we would finally get it right on climate. Once back in Canada, however, and with less fanfare, Trudeau announced that his own targets and timelines to fight climate change would, in fact, be those of his much-maligned predecessor, Stephen Harper. Oh, and he never managed to meet even those. At the end of last year, Trudeau announced a bold, marvellous new climate plan. Only problem is, nothing has come of it yet. On April 22, Earth Day, he joined Biden and other leaders and, needing something to say, started outbidding himself. Nothing really new, just more ambitious targets. […] In the six years he’s been in power, Trudeau has seen GHGs increase every year and, yes, we do have the worst record of G7 countries.

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