‘Sickening To Watch,’ ‘Deadly’: Piers Morgan Blisters MMA Match Featuring Openly Transgender Fighter


British commentator Piers Morgan weighed in on an MMA match from the weekend which saw an openly male-to-female transgender athlete handily beat a female opponent, calling the match “sickening” and warning that the trend of allowing biological male athletes to compete in women’s sports could prove “deadly.” As The Daily Wire reported earlier Monday, “Alana McLaughlin — a biological male and former member of the U.S. Army Special Forces — beat Celine Provost with a rear-naked choke in the second round.” “In order for McLaughlin to compete, the fighter had to pass a hormone panel, which McLaughlin did. McLaughlin said that it was difficult to find a female opponent willing to get into the ring for the fight, regardless,” The Daily Wire noted. Morgan, though, pointed out that it wasn’t necessarily the outcome of the match that was concerning — that McLaughlin defeated Provost — but that McLaughlin was allowed to compete against biological females, adding that the match was “sickening to watch,” since it appeared to Morgan as though officials were simply allowing a man to beat up a woman.

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