Democratic Governor Calls for Facebook to Crack Down on Pro-Lifers


New York Democratic Gov. Kathy Hochul told Facebook to “clean up the act” on abortion “disinformation” following the abortion restriction law that went into effect in Texas on Sept. 1. “From January 1st to March 20th, 2019, four out of 10 top stories receiving the most engagement on Facebook were articles about our very own Reproductive Health Act, and they are from anti-choice news sources that absolutely misrepresented and lied about the bill,” Hochul said during remarks on Monday. “That, my friends, is what I fear is going to happen again, that, that disinformation.” “Imagine an 18-year-old girl, trying to make a decision that’s going to affect her life,” she continued. “She believes that she has the courage to do what she wants to do and say ‘I’m going to have an abortion.’ But at the same time, her friends and others are forwarding information and horrible messages and calling her a murderer. What does that do to the psyche of a young woman? It’s tormenting.” […] Hochul also spoke out Wednesday regarding the Texas law, which restricts most abortions after the detection of a fetal heartbeat. In another tweet on Thursday, Hochul said the Texas law was oppressive.

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