D.C. Prepares for ‘Justice for J6’ Rally in Support of January 6 Detainees, Many Still in Solitary


Trump operative Matt Braynard and his organization “Look Ahead America” are planning a rally in Washington, D.C., to support those still languishing in jail for their part in the mostly peaceful January 6 protest-turned-melee. More than 600 people have been arrested, most of them for misdemeanors. Many non-violent offenders were locked up with no chance of bail. January 6 detainee FAST FACTS: Many are in solitary confinement, making them look more like political prisoners; One was reportedly beaten so badly by guards that he lost vision in one eye; Detainees report they aren’t allowed to speak privately with their lawyers; Republican Reps have tried to speak on their behalf to the DOJ and the prison warden, only to get shunned by both; Despite the lefty histrionics, no one has thus far been charged with “sedition“. Congressional security officials are expected to reinstall a fence around the Capitol and are even authorizing the use of deadly force—in case those elderly, unarmed MAGA grannies show up for “Insurrection” 2.0. “We intend to have the integrity of the Capitol be intact,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi stated.

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