Election Campaign Rocked By Revelation Of Liberal Plan To Bring In Housing Tax


With the cost of living surging under the Trudeau Liberals, their scheme to tax your home will make life even more expensive. The Canadian Federal Election has been rocked by the revelation of the Liberals plan to tax the sale of homes, effectively meaning they will be bringing in a new Housing Tax that will make life even more expensive. In a campaign in which affordability and the cost of living has been a key issue, this revelation could do severe damage to the Liberal campaign, at a time when Justin Trudeau already seems out of touch with the concerns of many Canadians. For years, the Liberals have denied that they plan to impose a housing tax, just as they denied that they would be increasing the carbon tax. As we saw with the constant carbon tax increases, the Liberal strategy is to first deny they will bring in a tax, then bring it in, then deny they will increase it, and then increase it. […] “Liberal candidate Jason Hickey says Canadians will have to pay tax on any profits they make from selling their primary residence.” […] The Liberals claim they have rejected that proposal, but the admission by Hickey has cast that denial into new doubt.

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