City Soon to Be Without a Single Officer After Every Member of Police Force Hits Mayor with ‘Unexpected’ News


The small town of Kimberling City, Missouri, which is nestled in the heart of the Ozarks a stone’s throw away from the wholesome attractions of Branson, is soon to be without a police department after every single member of the force resigned within a matter of weeks. Granted, the entire force of the small town, which has a population of roughly 2,400, is comprised of five people, but it does appear that their having all resigned within the same period of time was no coincidence. Kimberling City Mayor Bob Fritz told Branson Tri Lake News that the department is normally staffed with six officers, but a detective retired in July. In late August, the resignations began. First came Chief of Police Craig Alexander, who visited Mayor Fritz’s home on Aug. 23 and explained he’d been offered another position. On Sep. 1, Officer Shaun McCafferty turned in his resignation letter, also stating he’d also been offered another opportunity. Officer Rutger House gave notice of his resignation the following day, although he did not state a reason. Sergeant Aaron Hoeft resigned on Tuesday, stating a lack of resources and qualified officers to assist him. Officer Caleb McCarty resigned on Wednesday…

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