At 9/11 ceremony, Biden beclowns himself in public


At 9/11’s ceremonies, presented as pictures on the news, many former presidents were featured. At Ground Zero, Democratic presidents were the story. Bill Clinton and Barack Obama stood dignified together for the ceremony as befits the solemn occasion. Joe Biden, though, who was with them, presented a very weird exception. He had been scheduled to speak at the event — and then curiously, he wasn’t. He stood at attention with them, but that didn’t stop him from embarrassing himself. Unlike the other two presidents standing together at ground zero, Biden couldn’t maintain himself in public. Start with this, according to CBS, which considered it a detail important enough to report: Before the event began, a jet flew overhead in an eerie echo of the attacks, drawing a glance from Mr. Biden toward the sky. Really? Biden looked up and around while everyone else was standing still? The former presidents were able to stand still for the occasion, but Biden somehow was not. He was looking around as if he were a ten-year-old kid, which doesn’t transmit the word presidential. In a way, he was looking at his watch. There was other bizarre Biden behavior that showed additional tone-deaf idiocy.

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