Protesters Give Kamala Harris an Unfriendly Welcome as She Campaigns for Gavin Newsom


Vice President Kamala Harris, who boasts negative approval numbers for her work in Washington, returned to her home state on Wednesday to join the parade of big-name Democrats hoping to bolster Gov. Gavin Newsom’s chances of keeping his job. Newsom faces a recall on Tuesday after millions of voters disenchanted with his coronavirus policies signed petitions to force the election. Conservative talk radio host Larry Elder is the leading Republican in the race to replace Newsom, should voters decide to kick him to the curb. During a San Leandro rally on Wednesday, protesters turned out to remind Harris of the Biden administration’s latest failure. Demonstrator Willy Moosayar, an Afghan-American, said Harris is ignoring the growing humanitarian crisis the Biden administration has helped to create in Afghanistan. “She has not spoken about the situation in Afghanistan, where there is an actual humanitarian crisis and a genocide happening,” he said. California Republican Party Chairwoman Jessica Millan Patterson took Harris and Newsom to task in a statement, The San Jose Mercury News reported. […] The Republican National Committee also took a shot at Harris in a billboard ad.

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