Ontario prepares to launch digital ID program and here’s how it works


Ontario is preparing to launch a digital identification program in the coming months, meaning people will no longer need to carry a physical driver’s licence or health card. According to the government, Ontario’s digital identification program is scheduled to launch in late 2021. On Wednesday, the province unveiled more information about the program, saying it will be a “convenient and easy identification solution” for Ontarians. How does it work? Ontarians will be able to have an electronic version of their trusted government ID — like driver’s licences and health cards — which the government says is more safe and secure. Your ID will be stored in a digital wallet app, which will be available for download onto smartphones and other devices like tablets and laptops. The digital ID will allow people and businesses to prove who they are both online and in person. According to the government, the digital ID will offer more privacy to users. “For example, if you need to show you are age of majority, the verifier will only know you are over 18, not your date of birth or actual age,” the government says.

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