Cellphone leads to hefty Saskatchewan hunting fines for Alberta couple


An Alberta couple received hefty hunting fines in Saskatchewan after a driver was caught using his cellphone while driving. Saskatchewan Environment said a conservation officer was patrolling in the Turtleford area on Nov. 22, 2020, when a driver was spotted using his phone. During the traffic stop, the conservation officer said a white-tailed doe was found with improperly applied seals. Further investigation found that the couple had obtained multiple Saskatchewan resident hunting licences despite having lived in Alberta since 2018, according to Saskatchewan Environment. They were also accused of providing false information about when and where several deer had been harvested and trying to enlist a third person to cover up their deceptions. Richard Bannister and Valerie Lavelle, both from Veteran, Alta., recently pleaded guilty in St. Walburg provincial court to numerous charges, including misrepresenting their place of residence, lying to a conservation officer and improperly harvesting and tagging game.

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