Watch: Biden Speaks Complete Nonsense for 25 Seconds That Feels Like an Eternity


President Joe Biden wants those affected by Hurricane Ida to know that his “Build Back Better” agenda involves rebuilding the infrastructure so that there’s no damage. Even though there would be damage, but that’s not going to stop him. If you don’t get that, welcome to the club. Those Tuesday remarks came during an address Biden’s speechwriters will doubtlessly shove several clips of into an already stuffed desktop folder titled “Don’t Do This.” After all, this should have been a simple gig for the president — an opportunity to talk up climate change, infrastructure, energy and spending. On every single one of those fronts, Biden managed to gaffe his way through prepared remarks about how mitigating the damage from Hurricane Ida — which was responsible for at least 67 hurricane-related deaths and could end up causing $95 billion in losses, according to The Philadelphia Inquirer — providentially aligned with his agenda. Nowhere was this more apparent than when he talked about how stopping future events like this depended on mitigating climate change. […] We’re all watching the same deterioration in real-time. Some of us are just willing to call it what it is.

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