Victoria No. 1, Saanich No. 2 in requests for mail-in ballots across Canada


“There are more mail-in ballots being asked for by Vancouver Island than any other place in the country,” said Elections Canada spokeswoman Andrea Marantz. As of Wednesday, 8,409 Victoria voters had requested mail-in ballot packages, while 7,011 voters in the Saanich-Gulf Islands riding had requested packages. But so far, they have had just 556,906 requests from across the country from those who will be in their own riding but want to vote by mail. Another 54,904 will be in Canada, but not in their riding on Sept. 20 and 48,329 are living outside Canada. “It has been increasing rapidly as the day gets closer, but we won’t get anywhere near five million,” Marantz said. “We could receive a deluge, but how big that is over the next few days, who knows?” To be able to vote by mail, voters must apply for a special ballot voting kit by 6 p.m. on Sept. 14.

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