Plane truth of Biden’s Afghanistan botch: Goodwin


How anyone could ever think it was a good idea is mind-boggling, but Americans should never forget that Joe Biden wanted to celebrate the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan on September 11th. Whether he’s addled or just arrogant, Biden believed the 20th anniversary of a day of infamy could be turned into a feel-good event — and no doubt give him a political booster shot. Wiser heads prevailed, but only up to a point. The withdrawal date was moved up to Aug. 31, but Biden remained fixated on getting all the troops out before 9/11, damn the consequences. Now the consequences are damning the president, the latest evidence being the six charter jets stuck for days on the ground in Afghanistan, their passengers, reportedly including American citizens, not sure if they will be allowed to fly to safety or be executed by the Taliban. Whatever the outcome, the key point has already been made. The Taliban hold the power and America is reduced to supplicant. […] Promising benefits, including cash, in exchange for those who want to leave certainly sounds like a hostage negotiation. But apparently hostages are not hostages unless the government says so.

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