International Atomic Energy Agency Sounds Alarm Over Iran’s Nuclear Activities: ‘Deeply Concerned’


The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) said in reports this week to member states that it was “deeply concerned” about what the Islamic Republic of Iran was doing with its nuclear program as it continues to expand its stockpile of highly enriched uranium that could be used to build a nuclear weapon. The two reports highlighted several areas where officials had serious cause for concern, including that Iran has failed to explain to the IAEA the presence of nuclear material at undeclared sites, that some cameras that are supposed to monitor Iran’s nuclear activities have been damaged or destroyed, and that Iran’s stockpile of highly enriched uranium has increased. The Wall Street Journal reported: Tensions between Iran and the agency have also grown around a second issue: IAEA access to Iran to continue monitoring its nuclear facilities and related sites, like uranium ore mines and factories producing machines that spin enriched uranium to higher purity. “Iran has still not provided the necessary explanations for the presence of the nuclear material particles,” one of the agency’s reports said.

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